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Shattered Souls - Chapter 1 Sneak Preview

As promised, here is the Shattered Souls sneak preview (unedited). There are SPOILERS!  I recommend reading Imprinted Souls/Bloodlust/Divine Ashes/Blood Bound, before reading this chapter.
HAPPY READING!  Shattered Souls
Chapter 1
Manhattan, 2042
When you have an eternity to live, it doesn’t take long before you feel like you’ve seen it all… that you have ‘lived’ it all.With time, it becomes more pleasant to live by re-living your memories than to make new ones.In a way, I think that was what he had in mind when he gave me that journal. This drastic realization didn’t come slowly… it wasn’t something that built up with time.Everything just really hit me tonight.I had never been great with birthdays anyway.I knew that something was bound to happen. The journal wasn’t even that big of a surprise.Yes, it wasn’t his usual type of gift.He usually went for the extravagant vacations and designer clothes.He had been saying for a while that I should start writing a journal.That there are things… memor…

30 Days of Hunger Games- Reaping Day!

Reaping Day!
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As promised, Day 9 is Reaping Day! Unfortunately, we did not have enough males to enter nor did we have enough tributes enter. There were at least 23 of you who did enter, so thank you all for that! But not every district was assigned to a person, so unfortunately I have come to a decision and there will be only 16 of you that make it through reaping. I am so sorry for this, but I still hope you guys had a good time! Please come back for the other days and keep on commenting! (:

Without further are the 16 tributes that made it past the reaping!
District 1-