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Imprinted Souls Social Media Giveaway Contest w/ Vampires Anonymous

Imprinted Souls Social Media Giveaway Contest w/ Vampires Anonymous
(Open to International entries as well) To Enter:‘Like and Share’ the Bloodlust Book Trailer that will be posted on the Vampires Anonymous Facebook page as well as Imprinted Souls Series by Daniele Lanzarotta Facebook page. (Linking this YouTube video, betters your chances to win!)Prize!One signed copy of Bloodlust (Imprinted Souls Series #2)Contest Ends:December 13, 2010Good Luck!

Blog Tour Giveaway Winner!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my blog tour, and a special thank you to the hosts!The bookmark giveaway winners were e-mailed earlier today, and here is the winner of the blog tour giveaway, who will get a signed copy of Imprinted Souls and two signed bookmarks!The winner is… Holly, who posted her comment on From the Shadows! Here are a few of my interviews and guest blogs during the blog tour, in case you missed it and would like to check it out! v—v
From the ShadowsDaniel L. Carter's BlogFang-tastic Books

Bloodlust Book Trailer (Imprinted Souls Series)

Treats just in time for Halloween!

October has been a great month so far, and what is not to love about Halloween month!

There is currently a Halloween sale going on at you haven't got your copy of Imprinted Souls yet, stop by to check it out. :)
Click here to watch the Imprinted Souls Book trailer (there is another one coming soon, as well as one for Bloodlust!)
More and more good news… with Bloodlust being released this November, I will be participating in a blog tour from November 1st through 10th.Make sure to stop by these great blogs!(This schedule is subject to change).

Bloodlust will be released on November 13th, at the Hampton Book Festival in Virginia, and it will include an exclusive bonus feature!
Sneak Preview of new paranormal novel, Wide Awake, where you will get to meet Kayla, a sixteen-year-old that discovers her extraordinary abilities as she encounters creatures from the otherworld...
Happy Halloween!!!

Bloodlust - Release date & cover

Bloodlust (Imprinted Souls Series, #2) will be released on Imprinted Souls' 5 month anniversary!

November 13, 2010

Bloodlust - Synopsis & Excerpt!

There are some things from which you just can't run away. For Lexi, that something was this screwed-up, newfound reality that she encountered; and no matter how much Tyler may try to protect her from his kind, it is just too late.

Lexi is involved in his world far deeper than she can possibly imagine, and as she is haunted by her past and deals with an unexpected betrayal, Lexi is forced to make a choice between her soul mate, the one who she thought was gone forever, or the one who restored her soul, bringing her back to life with the ties of a blood imprint.


"Bloodlust – the disease that makes us the monsters we are known to be; it is what wipes away the last of our humanity." - Daniele Lanzarotta (Bloodlust)

Young Adult Paranormal Novels: A hit with teens and adults!

SERIES vs. STAND-ALONE: What’s your preference?

So, apparently I just cannot bring myself to get as attached to the characters in a stand-alone book as I do with a series. Books series just seem more fun… knowing that there is more to come, the wait, getting to see the characters grow...
I’m working on a new book now. Don’t worry, I’m way ahead of schedule on the Imprinted Souls Series. :) Anyways, this book started out as a stand-alone, but it will now be a Trilogy and ever since I made the change and worked out the new outline, everything is just flowing a lot better! I cannot wait to share more about this Trilogy with you all!

Giveaway winner, Review, and other Updates!

Hi everyone!

I haven’t updated my blog in a few days, so I have plenty of news to share!

Firstly, I have the winner from the GoodReads giveaway. Out of the 875 people who entered, the lucky winner is Virginia, from Mansfield, OH! :)

I’m also pleased to inform that TeensReadToo recently reviewed Imprinted Souls!!! You can read the review here.

And finally, good news all around! For a limited time, there is a special sale of Imprinted Souls through my website. For Kindle readers, click here!

Happy Tuesday!

GoodReads Giveaway

Hi everyone!
I’m pleased to announce that there is a giveaway of one signed copy of Imprinted Souls, through Last day to enter is July 13, 2010 at 12:00AM… only 5 days away!
Click here to enter and to check out additional details.

Good luck!

Imprinted Souls - Sneak Preview

Imprinted Souls - sneak preview of the first 2 chapters is now available! Click here to read it.

Enjoy! :)

Imprinted Souls' first book signing

Here are a few pictures from Imprinted Souls' first book signing, held on June 13th 2010. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with me!

Pictures taken by David Beningo.

Imprinted Souls Synopsis

Hey guys!

The first installment of the Imprinted Souls Series, 'Imprinted Souls' was just released on 6.13.10.

Here is the synopsis for Imprinted Souls:

Entrapped in her grief and sorrow, Lexi roams through life with no purpose. She has not been the same ever since an accident took away her high school boyfriend and soul mate. For a while, Lexi could still feel Matt with her and the dreams reassured her that they were still connected, but with time, the dreams started to fade and the pain of his absence deepened. She was convinced that he was gone, and with him, so was part of her soul, the part of her soul that had been imprinted by Matt.

It would take a different type of imprint to bring Lexi back to life, but that imprint would come with a price. The dangers of being with a vampire who still has strong ties to his human life, and the possibility of losing what is left of her connection with her one and true soul mate, Matt; a hidden connection that still lives within…