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Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals - Nicholas: Lexi's Choice

Hi Everyone! Today is Imprinted Souls' bookversary, and to celebrate it, here is the first entry for the Imprinted Souls' Missing Journals.  This takes place after Blood Bound and before Shattered Souls, so there are spoilers... 
Happy Reading!  
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Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals

Lexi’s Choice Nicholas I was in pain, a lot of pain.  The specks of silver that Adrianne threw on me were already in my skin, and I could slowly feel the silver spreading through my blood stream.  I can’t say that fear of my being destroyed ever crossed my mind.  I lived for longer than anyone was ever intended to, but I was afraid for her.  I was afraid that with me gone, she would be left defenseless, because let’s face it, Tyler was useless, especially when it came to confronting his maker.  He would never be able to defeat Loren, which meant that he would never be able to protect Lexi.   “How long do we have?  There has to be something we can do,” she asked. It was amusi…