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Blood on the Beach 2012

Hi everyone!

This past weekend (April 20-22), I had the opportunity to attend the Blood on the Beach Convention in Virginia Beach, along with authors Michelle Johnson, Rue Elliott, and John Koehler.

This convention turned out to be one of the best events I've attended so far.  The costumes were great!  It was fun chatting with new people, and of course that seeing Norman Reedus and Jeremy London was pretty awesome!

Here are the highlights of the weekend:

I was excited about this event from the moment I heard the words 'Lost Boys cast'.  It was fun seeing Edward Herrmann and other cast members.  It also made me think of Corey Haim.  I loved him in all of his movies!  It's still sad to think about what happened to him...

Then I saw Norman Reedus, (best known for his roles in 'The Boondock Saints' and 'The Walking Dead') and I couldn't help but to dream cast a bit.  He would be absolutely perfect to play Harvey, my Irish vampire who you will get to mee…

Character Interview with Greer MacManus

You know how much I love meeting new fictional peeps!  So, today we have a special guest: Greer MacManus.  
Hi Greer.  Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.  Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?  Age... where are you from...
Hi Daniele and thanks for having me! I’m in my last year of high school, a few months away from being 18. I was born in South Carolina and was raised there until just last year. I’ve been living in Prescott, Arizona since my dad moved my mom, my sister, Emily, and me there at the beginning of my junior year.
What do you like to do on your free time?
I’m a big reader. My dad kind of instilled it in me, probably before I was even born. You know how some parents play music to their yet-to-be-born children? My dad read to me. So, it makes sense that I can’t drive by a bookstore without going in and buying something. I have a huge collection – they won’t all fit in my room. I’ve taken over the bookshelves in the family room and Emily’s room, too.
I also lik…

Shattered Souls Synopsis

Here it is!  The synopsis for Shattered Souls - the final Imprinted Souls novel! 
It has been thirty years since Lexi made her choice.With time, many things have changed, but others… never will.
As her past comes back to haunt her, one vampire is destroyed, and Lexi is the one blamed for his true death.She is now being hunted by her own kind, and as much as Nicholas tries to protect her on his own, that is not enough.He needs help, and he values her far too much to ask for help from just anyone.
They encounter ghosts of their pasts, face their worst fears, and above all, heartbreaks strong enough to shatter souls beyond repair.