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Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals - Tyler: Lexi's Choice - Part II

I loved writing this entry!  This one goes to all readers who enjoyed the water scene in Shattered Souls.  Although I've been told that if you love Nicholas, you might feel torn about Tyler once again. *evil grin*
Here is my writing song for this one (minus the parts about breathing and beating heart. *laughs*)

Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals
Tyler POV – Lexi’s choice – Part II
It didn't take long for Loren's full attention to be on Nicholas instead of me, and I wanted things to stay that way.There was only one person who Loren trusted, and that was Adrianne.He confided in her, and because of that, I knew mostly everything that he had heard about Nicholas and Lexi.
Loren knew where they were all along.His plan was to allow some time to pass before going after them.He wanted Nicholas to feel confident that the chase was over. He would then make his move when Nicholas least expected.
Adrianne had once asked him how that would make any difference, after all, he was not Lex…