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Nephilim (Academy of the Fallen 2) - Chapter 1 Sneak Preview!

A Special Halloween Treat!

Nephilim (Academy of the Fallen 2) - Chapter 1 Sneak Preview!

HunterChapter 1It had been over 24 hours since I was dragged away from the Academy’s clinic, away from Kayla, who was still unconscious when I left. They gave me two options:I would either have to accept that I was not allowed to see Kayla, or I would be on lock-down until further notice.I chose option three. I did go to my room, pretended like I was going to stay away… the next day, when everyone seemed to be going about their own business, I ran to the gates of the Academy, where I could summon Chase.Chase is a ghost, trapped on earth, but he knows a lot about the Otherworld, which was where Kayla had been trapped… for far too long. None of us at the Academy should ever be exposed to the Otherworld, the place where ghosts and demons wander around for most of their existence, but for Kayla, that was especially dangerous.Kayla, is one of their children, the offspring of a fallen angel with a human.Her …



Vampires or Fallen Angels… who is your favorite?Personally, I couldn’t decide, which is the reason I created Imprinted Souls’ Anne.
Now, it is your turn to decide (or at least try to...)
If you are dressing up as a Vampire or Fallen Angel this Halloween, you can enter to win a signed copy of one of my books… Academy of the Fallen or one of the Imprinted Souls books.
To enter, ‘like’ and post your picture in costume @ my new Facebook author page.

Contest will be open until November 5th.

Happy Halloween!

Nicholas' Favorite 'Hunting' Memory

So, you want to know my favorite ‘hunting’ memory?I know you are assuming that it involves a human, a human girl to be specific, and I can guarantee you think it involves glamouring, kissing, and all of that awesomeness that I’m known to use to keep my ‘snacks’ happy.Well… you are in for a surprise, Love.
All of my hunting activities have been pretty much the same, but not that one.That was one of a kind and unforgettable, mostly because it was the only time I’ve ever hunted out of revenge.Oh, and there was also the fact that she was not human, which made it a challenge… well, not really… considering that I can take on anyone.

By now you should know about my stepsister, Sarah.After mother died, father married Sarah’s mom.She was no good.I spent most of my time hiding and protecting Sarah from her.After that B-- well, after my ‘maker’ turned me, I was still around town; around enough to know that father and his ‘wife’ went missing.That was when I went back and took Sarah.She was only nin…

Thoughts on Ebook Piracy

Unfortunately, I knew that the chances of this happening one day were likely... Today, I accidentally found someone in Australia who has been sharing epub files of Wide Awake. My immediate reaction was to report her to the website, among other places... well, after I did some Facebook venting.

I honestly have no words for people who do this type of thing, and that includes the ones who downloaded the file. That is pretty low. Authors work months, sometimes even years, to get their work done and published, then works a whole lot more to market their work, and someone comes around and does that...

If this is a matter of not having the money to buy books, you can go to your local library... it is as easy as that. Unfortunately, I don't think that is the case with the ones actually sharing the files, because they are taking their time to get that done and it just makes me sick.

The same goes to pirating music, movies, etc... there are people who work for that. Have some respect!

I w…