Nicholas' Favorite 'Hunting' Memory

So, you want to know my favorite ‘hunting’ memory? I know you are assuming that it involves a human, a human girl to be specific, and I can guarantee you think it involves glamouring, kissing, and all of that awesomeness that I’m known to use to keep my ‘snacks’ happy. Well… you are in for a surprise, Love.

All of my hunting activities have been pretty much the same, but not that one. That was one of a kind and unforgettable, mostly because it was the only time I’ve ever hunted out of revenge. Oh, and there was also the fact that she was not human, which made it a challenge… well, not really… considering that I can take on anyone.

By now you should know about my stepsister, Sarah. After mother died, father married Sarah’s mom. She was no good. I spent most of my time hiding and protecting Sarah from her. After that B-- well, after my ‘maker’ turned me, I was still around town; around enough to know that father and his ‘wife’ went missing. That was when I went back and took Sarah. She was only nine years old at the time.

I knew the others were not happy. Most kept their distance from me because if they lost control, well… children are known to weaken the strongest vampires. It has something to do with how pure and how much humanity they have.

Unfortunately, keeping their distance didn’t mean they weren’t watching me.

It was strange though… with Sarah around… I was too worried about protecting her, so I never felt that hunger.

That didn’t mean I never got hungry… just a few days after I took her from the house, I had to leave her where we were staying and went hunting. When I got back to the house, there was a fire, and I was too late to save Sarah.

Too late to save Sarah, but not too late to get to the one vampire standing in front of the house; crying like a bloody fool.

As soon as I got to her, she started apologizing, saying that she was ordered to start the fire.

I knew why she was crying. I knew why she was apologizing. I could smell Sarah’s scent in her breath.

I slowly approached her. She didn’t move.

I actually had never seen her before so I demanded to know who her maker was. She was older than me. She might have been weaker because of Sarah’s blood, but she still could not go against her maker’s order to keep her identity a secret. She wouldn’t even give me her name.

I told her that she had three seconds to run. As far as I knew, I could get into a lot of trouble for destroying an older vampire. It took me less than a second to realize that I didn’t care. I ran after her and spun her around, biting her neck. I quickly stopped. I didn't want the risk of Sarah's blood impacting my judgment. Humanity was the last thing I needed.

I grabbed the vampire by her neck and whispered in her ear that I was going to do the same to her as she had done to Sarah. I dragged her closer to the house and threw her in the fire. She tried to run at first, I threw her in the fire again, but not before I told her I would keep throwing her in that fire as many times as needed…. Let’s just say that was the last time I needed to do that.

That is pretty much it for that memory. You are probably thinking that was pretty sweet… protecting my stepsister. So, what time are you coming over? *cocky smile *

Now, if you want a different kind of hunting memory… *winks*… you may want to be more specific, Love.


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  1. Not what I had in mind when I asked the question, but I do believe I like your story better. It shows a different side of you. However, I shall be more specific in the future, love. I get off work at 5:00. Shall I eat something with lots of iron in it for lunch? That way I don't pass out. *winks*

  2. Nicholas: "Thank you Love. Apparently, I have been showing that side a lot more than I'd like to...

    Sorry I missed you yesterday, but I'm free tonight. No need to change your diet. If you pass out, I will take care of you." *winks*


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