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Is it June yet?

Yes, I'm like a little kid when it comes to book releases. After working on a book for months and having to keep most of what happens to myself, well... I just want you guys to be able to read it already! LOL
So, less than 30 days for the release of Academy of the Fallen: Wide Awake, and the 1 year anniversary of Imprinted Souls.WOW!I can’t believe it has been almost one year since my first novel was published, and it sure has been fun!You guys are awesome and I’m thankful for your support… and for the late night emails about cliffhangers. *evil grin*
So, here are some updates on both:Academy of the Fallen: Wide AwakeI’m very excited about this release, which will be on June 13th.On that date, I will be sharing excerpts and will be chatting about the book through Twitter and Facebook.Now, here is the awesome news… June 13th is the official release date for paperbacks and some ebooks and ibooks.There is however a possibility that Kindle and Nook versions will be released earlier and…

Chat with Imprinted Souls’ Nicholas Taylor

Hi everyone!This Saturday’s chat was very challenging with all of the Internet and Facebook chat issues, but once we got it going, it was a LOT of fun!For those who missed it, there will be others… For now, I’m posting some of the questions that Nicholas was asked, along with small parts of the chat (very small spoiler-free parts… the chat got a little crazy, but what can we say?Nicholas just has that impact on people...)

Enjoy!And if you have more questions for Nicholas, you can post on here, FB, or Twitter.(...names were deleted, but if you were there and wants to claim anything that you said, go ahead. lol)
"It has been concluded that Nicholas is not only mouthy and cocky, but also a VampWhore." Guest: exactly how old are you Nick? Nicholas: How old would you like me to be?*smiles* Guest: @least 18Nicholas: Then, that is how old I am.(…after some annoyance by Nicholas’ inability to give a straight answer…)Guest: Do you want me to be Team Tyler??Nicholas: *laughs* Go ahead..…