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Answers to aspiring writers

This week I was asked for advice from an aspiring writer, mostly in relation to topics like getting started and the research involved.I get these questions from time-to-time, so I decided to dedicate today's blog post entirely to it.
Although I have several tips that I can give, please keep in mind that what works for one author may not work for others.At the end, you will need to figure out what works best for you.
Where to start?
If you want to write a book, chances are that you have a general idea about the story that you want to write.Take those ideas and put them on paper. Any other ideas, write them down right when it comes to you. I have literally done things like stop mowing the lawn or pull into a parking lot, just so I could write something down. Many times, I ended up typing it on my phone because the time was just so inconvenient that I did not have anything to write with.Also, keep something that you can write on by your bed.You will be surprised on how many times you …

Must vampires be blamed for all evil?

A friend texted me the other day to say that she was watching the news and they were saying that thanks to TV series and books like True Blood and Twilight, they are seeing an increase in occult-related crimes… REALLY?!
Honestly, at first I was trying to imagine how they got to that conclusion, I couldn’t help but to image them interviewing people who got arrested lately and asking, “So, what books or movies have you been into lately?” or “Hey, weren’t you wearing a coat like Edward Cullen’s when you were picked up?”* shakes head *

Just for how long should one blame video games, TV shows, and now, novels, before getting to the bottom line of the problem... parents needing to be parents!

As far as the news go... I wish they would devote a couple of minutes everyday to focus on good news, and there are plenty of those coming from some of our favorite vampires, and vampire related books and movies.Many authors and actors have been helping on blood drives, charities, etc. Look at Ian Som…

Teaser Monday

Hi everyone!

Keeping things short today, so I can get back to writing. :)
I read this interesting blog post today, and if you have time to check it out, I would love to hear your opinion… “My rant regarding parents screening YA books in a bad way.”I added my thoughts to the comments.
Seems like quite a few people were reading Imprinted Souls and Bloodlust this weekend.I enjoyed reading the emails and I’m almost all caught up on the replies.
Quick updates:Imprinted Souls is now available on ibooks.Also, the two chapter preview of Bloodlust went up on my website this past couple of days in case you have not read it yet.
Now, on to the teaser quote for the week… and this one is from Divine Ashes!!!
“What he didn’t know was how to beg for her forgiveness, and at that moment, her forgiveness was what he craved the most…even more than he craved her blood.” (Divine Ashes - Imprinted Souls Series)

2011 Updates, resolutions, and teasers!

First, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and thank my readers for making 2010 such a special year.2010 was a busy year, with the release of my first two novels, and 2011 is looking even more promising!
Here is what I’ve been up to lately…
I met my personal deadline, finishing the first draft of Divine Ashes, the third installment of the Imprinted Souls Series, before the end of the year, and I’m now working on revisions.I just wish those second, third, fourth… drafts were as fun as the first and the final drafts, but still… I enjoy the time I get to spend working on these characters who I keep getting more and more attached to, especially one very sarcastic character ;)
The Synopsis for Divine Ashes will be posted sometime next month, and the cover concept is awesome!I cannot wait to share it with you guys!Updates about the release date will be coming soon, as well as updates about Wide Awake, a new YA paranormal novel to be released in 2011 (two chapter sneak preview of Wi…