2011 Updates, resolutions, and teasers!

First, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and thank my readers for making 2010 such a special year. 2010 was a busy year, with the release of my first two novels, and 2011 is looking even more promising!

Here is what I’ve been up to lately…

I met my personal deadline, finishing the first draft of Divine Ashes, the third installment of the Imprinted Souls Series, before the end of the year, and I’m now working on revisions. I just wish those second, third, fourth… drafts were as fun as the first and the final drafts, but still… I enjoy the time I get to spend working on these characters who I keep getting more and more attached to, especially one very sarcastic character ;)

The Synopsis for Divine Ashes will be posted sometime next month, and the cover concept is awesome! I cannot wait to share it with you guys! Updates about the release date will be coming soon, as well as updates about Wide Awake, a new YA paranormal novel to be released in 2011 (two chapter sneak preview of Wide Awake was included at the end of Bloodlust (ISS #2).

Also, Imprinted Souls Series is now available in a number of ereaders, including Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and will be coming soon to Apple’s ibookstore, Sony, and Kobo.

Other than that, I promised myself to dedicate more time to blogging, so I have nominated Mondays 'Teaser Mondays', and will be posting quotes from my novels. If you have a favorite quote, just send me an email and I will add it on Mondays. Every once in a while you may just run across a quote from Divine Ashes or Wide Awake.

If you have any suggestions for this blog, or even if you would like to post a guest blog about anything paranormal related (other authors welcome), just send me an email.

And here is the quote for the week. This one is from Bloodlust, even though I’m dying to post one from Divine Ashes… Maybe next week ;)

“Around you, he will always be going back and forth on this helpless battle to keep his humanity…you will just never know when it will be safe.” - Bloodlust


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