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Imprinted Souls Series Announcement

Well, it has been tough to keep this to myself over the past few weeks, but I have a little surprise for Imprinted Souls fans!

Starting June of this year (Imprinted Souls' anniversary), I will be posting exclusive short stories from the missing 30 years between Blood Bound and Shattered Souls.  Those short stories will be based on Tyler, Nicholas, Loren, and Adrianne's POV, and will be posted right here on this blog, under the tab 'Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals'.

I'll post Facebook and Twitter announcements whenever a new short story is up, but please follow and subscribe to the blog to make sure that you get notifications.

Looking forward to June! :)


Shattered Souls BLOG TOUR

**There will be giveaways in all of the events listed below**
May 14
Velvetmorning82 Book Blog  - Author Interview

May 15
Forbidden Passions – Character Interview with Tyler
May 17
The Book Whisperer – Guest Post
May 18
Shattered Souls CHAT NIGHT with SPOILERS @ 10PM EST
Chat room link will be announced at on the day of.
May 21
Special announcement about the Imprinted Souls Series!
May 22
Beloved Books – Author Interview
May 23
A.J. Walkley’s Blog – Character Interview (Character TBD)
May 24
A Page Away – Author Interview
May 25
Starry Night Book Blog – Character Interview with Nicholas!