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Indie-Licious Blog Hop - Sins of the Fallen Teaser

As part of the Indie-Licious Blog Hop, I was asked to share a teaser from my WIP or from a published title.  It seems like A Mermaid's Curse has been getting all the love lately, so I decided to share a teaser from Sins of the Fallen instead.  Enjoy. :D 

She laughed and whispered so that only I could hear her.  “Only if demons craved dignity.”  She shook her head.  “Fine, you want me to give her dagger back and let her go, I will.” I couldn’t see Samael, but I felt the relief in his voice.“I thought you would.” He was wrong… so wrong… Well, technically, she did give me the dagger back and let me go.  She smiled one more time before driving the dagger into the side of my stomach and letting me go.  I fell to the floor.  There was so much pain… too much pain!  

©2012 Daniele Lanzarotta. 

Sins of the Fallen is available at, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks