Vampires or Fallen Angels… who is your favorite? Personally, I couldn’t decide, which is the reason I created Imprinted Souls’ Anne.

Now, it is your turn to decide (or at least try to...)

If you are dressing up as a Vampire or Fallen Angel this Halloween, you can enter to win a signed copy of one of my books… Academy of the Fallen or one of the Imprinted Souls books.

To enter, ‘like’ and post your picture in costume @ my new Facebook author page.

Contest will be open until November 5th.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Ok, so this is freaking cool! I am totally following your blog, page and any other link you have! I, too, am a YA Paranormal Fiction author. My series Blood and Magick has blood witches, vampires, folklore/mythology, shape shifters and much more! Please visit me at

  2. I'm going for Vampires all the way. I can see how they both can appeal to the dark side but I need them fangs, the compulsion, super strength and can I dare say 'levitation sex'?!? haha


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