Imprinted Souls - The Missing Journals - Tyler: Lexi's Choice - Part II

I loved writing this entry!  This one goes to all readers who enjoyed the water scene in Shattered Souls.  Although I've been told that if you love Nicholas, you might feel torn about Tyler once again. *evil grin*

Here is my writing song for this one (minus the parts about breathing and beating heart. *laughs*)

Tyler POV – Lexi’s choice – Part II

It didn't take long for Loren's full attention to be on Nicholas instead of me, and I wanted things to stay that way.  There was only one person who Loren trusted, and that was Adrianne.  He confided in her, and because of that, I knew mostly everything that he had heard about Nicholas and Lexi. 

Loren knew where they were all along.  His plan was to allow some time to pass before going after them.  He wanted Nicholas to feel confident that the chase was over.  He would then make his move when Nicholas least expected.

Adrianne had once asked him how that would make any difference, after all, he was not Lexi's maker, and Nicholas was free from his.  Even if Nicholas was destroyed, Lexi would not have another maker to take over.  She would be on her own.

I wished Loren hadn't thought his plan through so well.  His solution was insane.  Loren had the illusion that if he drained Lexi to the point where she was an empty shell, she would be hungry and weak, and she would have to feed from him.  He was sure that with Nicholas’ blood being off her system, Loren’s blood would give her power over her.

He didn't care how many times Adrianne told him that would never work.  He was determined to go on with his plan, and I was determined to stop him from getting a chance to test that theory.

 As time passed, all Adrianne and I did was keep a close eye on Loren.  He was so consumed with his anger toward Nicholas.  The more time passed, the angrier he became, and at that point, I couldn't understand the reason.  I didn't understand the reason until I felt that same anger after seeing him...after seeing her.

Once Loren started to spend more time alone and less time with Adrianne, we stopped hearing updates on Lexi and Nicholas.  That was when we moved to the next step of our plan.  Adrianne tracked down one of Loren's sources.  We found out that he was using a human to track Lexi, which was the best way not to raise any suspicions.  Adrianne and I followed the human and glamoured him into giving us Lexi's whereabouts.

That same day, I told Loren that there was nothing for me around there anymore and that I wanted to go off on my own for a while.

He should have picked up that something else was going on, but he just dismissed me.  The fact that he no longer saw me as an obstacle when it came to Lexi, started to concern me even more.

The next night, I left for Boston.  Adrianne wanted to go, but that would certainly raise suspicions.  She stayed back with the promise to keep Loren away. 

I can't say that I had a plan.  I wanted to warn her about Loren.  I wanted to make sure Nicholas was protecting her.  I wanted to tell her nothing ever happened between Adrianne and I, even if that didn't make a difference... I wanted her to know the truth, but mostly, I just wanted to see her again.  Months had passed and the agony of being away from her was worse than the agony of thinking about her being with someone else.

I went straight to the address we got for them.   It was a big house, all fenced in.  I assumed it had once belonged to Scarlett, before Nicholas took everything that was hers.

It was dark outside and inside, all lights seemed to be off.  I was just going to stay in the car and wait.  That was, until I heard noises coming from the back of the house and I could hear her laugh.   I moved the car a block down and walked to the back of the house.   I knew I would have to keep my distance so they wouldn't sense me.  I didn't want to talk to her until she we alone.

Behind the house, there was a wooded area.  I moved silently and climbed a tree so that I could get a good view.  There were no lights on, but the moonlight was bright, and well… vampire vision alone, was enough to where I could see everything.  I didn't see anyone at first, not until they both came out of a closed-in patio and went toward the pool.

I froze.  My gaze was locked on her.  I saw nothing else, not until he turned around, picked her up, and carried her to the pool.   She laughed more than I had seen her laugh in years combined.  He threw her in the pool and jumped in after her.

I'd never felt so angry.  Angry because he got to be with her in a way that I only dreamed of... without having to worry about everything and everyone.  Yes, I was consumed with jealousy, but I couldn't stop watching them.

They swam for a while, joked, laughed… After a while, she got out of the pool and went to lie down on one of the chairs by the pool.   She put in her earphones, turned the music on and closed her eyes.  She looked so relaxed, so carefree.  I got lost in watching her and for a while, I even forgot that Nicholas was there.

He got out of the water not long after she did.  He approached her, but she didn’t move.  She was still listening to music and had her eyes closed.  I cringed when he lowered himself to the chair, leaning on top of her.  I wasn’t sure if it was his proximity or the water dripping on her, but she opened her eyes, moved her hand up to the back of his neck and pulled him down, kissing him.

At that moment, I understood why Loren no longer saw me as an obstacle, and why he was getting angrier and angrier… not that he ever had Lexi, but in his mind, he was losing her again…. just like I had.

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