SERIES vs. STAND-ALONE: What’s your preference?

So, apparently I just cannot bring myself to get as attached to the characters in a stand-alone book as I do with a series. Books series just seem more fun… knowing that there is more to come, the wait, getting to see the characters grow...
I’m working on a new book now. Don’t worry, I’m way ahead of schedule on the Imprinted Souls Series. :) Anyways, this book started out as a stand-alone, but it will now be a Trilogy and ever since I made the change and worked out the new outline, everything is just flowing a lot better! I cannot wait to share more about this Trilogy with you all!


  1. I think it just depends on the story really, some are just so epic that it needs to be told in more than one book. The thing about being hooked on a series though, it can get really frustrating for fans to wait for the author to finish a good series. Some authors take forever (ex GRR Martin who still hasn't released his latest book since forever.)


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