Contest: Have a character named after you!

Every once in a while, my husband will glance at me while I’m reading something on my Mac (aka MacGoodness), and ask why I have this big grin on my face… The answer is either something that I’m writing OR that I’m reading an email from someone who read one of my books… This past Saturday, I had one of those emails (well, FB message… same thing. Lol)

Jennifer Holcomb wrote an AWESOME poem inspired by Imprinted Souls. I literally almost cried, and if you know me, you know that movies, books, … well, nothing makes me cry. The only movie that ever got close to it was ‘Marley and Me,’ and I’m a dog person!

Anyway... Jennifer has actually written a few poems based on books. Earlier this week she even wrote one inspired by Bloodlust, which was awesome too.

With that said… I have a contest announcement! There will be two categories… poems inspired by the Imprinted Souls series and artwork inspired by the series. Submissions can be emailed to by March 19th (Divine Ashes' release date).

***Winners will get to have a character named after them in the second book from the Academy of the Fallen Series. The first book, Wide Awake, will be released this Fall.***

Winners will be selected by vote on Facebook. Everyone will be able to vote from March 20th until March 31st.

Oh, and the best part! After Wide Awake is released, each winner will get two character profiles to choose from!

Here are Jennifer Holcomb’s poems inspired by Imprinted Souls:

One by Me(Jennifer) *Inspired from Imprinted Souls by Daniele Lanzarotta*

Now by Me(Jennifer) *Inspired from Bloodlust by Daniele Lanzarotta*

... and a little about Jennifer:

"I can tell you that I didn't care for reading growing up with a very dysfunctional childhood and many hardships when I was a young adult. Then came along that vampire movie and I was hooked to the movie. I then went and read all the books. That is even when I started facebook. I met a lot of on-line people who had the same passion for these books. I had even found an on-line sisterhood site where a lot of woman felt the same. So I have made some very special friends. I call them my sisters today.

I had started to be inspired by reading more books and listen to a lot of wonderful music that touch my heart. With those all combined, I had this feeling to write. I never knew how to write poems the way they teach you in school, but I went with it. I have done a few here and there, but never really made it well known to others. I am coming out of that scared feeling of what others think and that is when I started by blog to post my poems. They may not always make sense or fit the poem profile, but that is what makes them unique. At least, that is what I think. lol! I just hope others enjoy them whether they make you feel happy, sad, or inspired." Jennifer Holcomb


  1. Thank you! :) I'm looking forward to the submissions. v--v

  2. great contest :)too bad it's over :( such an amazing idea.

  3. Thank you. :) There will be other contests very soon!


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