How did this happen?!

Hi everyone!

I know that I neglect my blog from time to time, and that is usually because I’m writing. :)

Right now, I’m working on Nephilim, the second book in the Academy of the Fallen series, and I told myself that I would finish Nephilim before I start working on the final novel in the Imprinted Souls Series, Shattered Souls. Well… today, my plan failed. *laughs*

I was on my way to the post office to mail bookmarks, when I was hit by a wave of inspiration. At first, I tried to write down those ideas whenever I stopped at a red light, only they were not long enough, and it was just getting on my nerves. *hate when that happens*

Finally, I got to the post office, parked Cam (aka my car), and ended up writing the final chapter of the series. Things could change, considering that I only have a general outline and the final chapter, but I’m actually very happy with that final chapter.

I was a little worried about writing Shattered Souls. It is one thing to end books with a massive cliffhanger when there is a sequel to it, but I wanted to make sure that readers will get closure with the final book, and I believe that I have successfully achieved that. :)

Now, I’m stuck with the secret of how the series will end, which by the way, I had not decided until today.

I seriously cannot wait until everyone can read it.

I have been getting several questions about spin-offs. Yes, there will be one… No, I can’t tell you who is going to be in it…. Sorry :( … but I will tell you that the title for the spin-off is Venom.

PS: Blood Bound release next month. Woohoo!


  1. I love when inspiration strikes like that! I found you through Author Central. I'm now following and look forward to visiting again. I would love a follow back! ;-)

  2. Thanks everyone. :) @Sylvia - Stopping by your blog right now. :)


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