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Sins of the Fallen (Academy of the Fallen 3) will be available in less than a month and I already can't wait to work on the next book in the series.  Sins of the Fallen was an emotional roller-coaster and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Here is a sneak preview and information on how to pre-order your signed copy.  Enjoy! :) 



I wish I could go back to when life was simple; when I didn’t have to make choices that so many lives depended on.  In a way, I could.  I had the option of leaving and never looking back, but I knew in my heart that I would never be able to live with that choice.  I also knew I would never be free from the beings that haunt me.
I sat in the library of the Academy where I had arrived just days before.  I was supposed to be thinking things through before I gave Clarissa, the angel in charge of this Academy, my final decision; but my decision had already been made the moment I was given my options.
Things got much worse at the other Academy.  Daniels, my biological father, trapped Benjamin and another demon in there with the haunted and fallen angels, but we all knew that it was only a matter of time before Benjamin took over.  Benjamin is my half-brother, and unlike me, he is not the offspring of an angel, but of an incubus.  The other demon in there with him is Hannah, a succubus who I don’t even like to think about.
Clarissa told me that as much as they needed me, this was not something I had asked for, and besides, I had my free will.  I could go back to my life, with my human parents and sister.  Clarissa said if that was my decision, they would do everything in their power to keep me and my family safe.  The alternative was for me to stay and help them take the academy back from the hands of my insane father, after all, you have to be insane to love and want to help a demon.  If I chose to do that, I would have to stay away from my human family for a long time.  Revenge would be inevitable and it was just not safe for me to go back to them. 
If I stayed, Clarissa assured me that they would be watched over and they would be told that I was in boarding school.  That part, I didn’t like…. The thought of them giving my parents something unreal to believe in worked like a spell, and it really creeped me out to have someone mess with their minds like that.

I heard the footsteps coming toward me and I already knew who it was.  Hunter approached and sat on the floor, next to me.
“You haven’t changed your mind, have you?” he asked.
I shook my head.
“I didn’t think you would,” he said in a saddened tone.
“Hunter, I told you before, there are too many people involved for me to turn my back on them.  I need to help them.  I need to help Kim.  She is my sister and I’m not leaving her there.”
“Kayla, the others will find a way to help them without you risking your life.  You seem to forget that unlike them, you are mortal!”
I shook my head. “Hunter,  regardless to who is in charge over there, Daniels, or Benjamin, they will take down the wards for me to go in.  This will be faster.”
I could see how frustrated he was. 
“You have no training, Kayla!  We’ll probably just get trapped in there along with the others.”
I smiled at him.  “You know that I won’t be alone, right?”
“Of course you’re not.  I’ll be there with you, but it’s not like I’m trained to fight against them either.”
I sighed.
“What?” he asked.
“I don’t want you to go.” 
I knew if he went, the succubus who had attacked him before would go after him once again.
“You must have lost your mind.”
“Hunter, Hannah is going to target you if you go.”
“I can handle her.”
“Hunter, she already got to you. TWICE!”
“You are not going in there without me, Kayla.  I don’t care how many of the fallen go with you, I still don’t trust them; if you go, I go.”
I stood up and started to walk away.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I’m going to give Clarissa my answer… again.  And tell her we both need some kind of training before we go in.  I don’t want to go in there having to worry about a slutty succubus sucking the life out of you.”
Hunter smiled.  “She can’t suck the life out of me, Kayla.  I’m immortal, remember?”
I rolled my eyes at him.  “Yeah, that didn’t seem to stop her from sucking life out of you before.  The only difference is that your life is endless and it made her want you even more.”
Before he could say anything else, I turned around and walked away.
I rushed to Clarissa’s office with Hunter following me.  I knew he wanted to make sure he was going with me no matter what.
Clarissa was on the phone when we stopped at her office door.  She waved us in and rushed to be off the phone.
“Hello Kayla. Hunter. I suppose you are here about your decision,” she said.
I nodded.  “My decision hasn’t changed.”
She looked at Hunter who was shaking his head.
“What about you, Hunter?” she asked.
“What about me?” he asked.
“Is that your choice as well?”
“Kayla’s choice is my choice.  If she goes, I go.”
“Very well.  We can’t go unprepared, so you’ll have time to change your minds if you wish.  Hunter, Xavier will be training you as much as he can to protect yourself from demons and to fight back if you have to.”
“What about Kayla?” he asked.
Clarissa smiled.  “Kayla will receive training of her own.  We were able to locate another Nephilim who grew up in our world until he decided to leave.  He will teach her what he has learned over the years.”
Hunter gave me a concerned look. 
I shrugged.  “We both need training,” I said.  “It makes sense.”
“You’ll just learn the essentials to help us get in the academy, and keep yourself protected as we take control.  If you wish to continue with your training after everything is settled, you can,” said Clarissa.
We both nodded.  I knew I wanted to return home once things were safe, but for some reason I couldn’t bring that up.
“How are things at the other Academy?” I asked.  Last I had heard, Stephaine, one of the angels from this Academy that got stuck in the chaos created by Daniel, was still sending messages about what was happening there.  That was one of Stephaine’s abilities.
Clarissa looked saddened.  “No major changes, but it is only a matter of time before things get worse.  It seems that Daniels has spent a lot of time talking to Benjamin, but we don’t know what about.  The subbucus has just been wandering around.  The good news, if you can call it that, is that everyone else has been hiding in their dorms most of the time. It keeps them out of her way and out of danger.”
“What about Ashley?  Any news?”
“Ashley was sent to live with her grandmother.  Her and the child are protected.”  It still creeped me out that Benjamin had gotten to Ashley like he did.  She wasn’t the most loyal friend at school, but still, no one deserved that.
Talking about Ashley, the other Academy, and even the thought of what everyone who was trapped was going through made me uncomfortable.  I tried to change topics. “Will I be able to call my parents?” I asked.
“Of course,” Clarissa said.
“When does training start?”
“Hunter can start today.  I’m afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow, Kayla.”
I nodded and we both got up to leave her office.
“And Kayla,” said Clarissa.  I turned around to face her.  “Samael, the Nephilim who is coming to help you…” She paused. “Well, you might as well know that he has a challenging personality.”
“That meaning?” asked Hunter in a concerned tone.
“He doesn’t exactly want to do this and I’m sure it will show.”
Hunter looked even more concerned.  “So why is he doing this then?”
“Let’s just say that we helped correct certain mistakes of his in exchange for his help.”
Hunter looked from Clarissa to me.
I shrugged.  “As long as I learn what I need to, I don’t care.”
“Kayla, I don’t know about this,” said Hunter.
“Hunter,” said Clarissa, “You are welcome to watch Kayla’s training whenever you are not busy with yours, and I’ll make sure that is the case during her first training.  As much as I hate to admit it, I’m as concerned about Samael helping her as you are.”
“That doesn’t exactly make me feel any better,” said Hunter.
“I know, but at least in this academy, we are honest and if I think you need to know the truth about anything that concerns you, I’ll tell you.  Unfortunately, as much trouble as Samael is, he’s the only one with the knowledge Kayla requires.”

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