Q&A with Gemma from the Protector Series by Tressa Messenger

Today I have the pleasure to feature a new release by ones of the authors from YA at Heart Book Tour, Tressa Messenger.

I want to congratulate Tressa on the release of 'Protect Us', the third novel in the Protector Series, and I hope that you enjoy my Q&A with one of Tressa's characters... Gemma!  (You know how much I love character interviews!) :)

Q&A with Gemma from the Protector Series

Hi Gemma! Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from?

Gemma: I am 17, almost 18. My family is from all over but I grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Tell us about your father’s job. Do you like what he does? Why or why not?

Gemma: My father's job is a secret but I guess I can tell you a little since it's just us girls. My father is called a Protector. He fits the... ummmm... bad guys. It's the coolest job ever; I am so joining the order when I turn 18.

Would you say that your live a normal teenage life? Do you go to school? What is your usual day like?

Gemma: *Laughs* Normal? What's that? The only thing normal about my life is that I go to a public school and pretend to be normal. My parents are very protective, with good reason, so after school I usually go straight home. My best friend Alice knows nothing about me and my family life, but that is the way it has to be.

Do you have any hobbies?

Gemma: I don't really have any real hobbies. Alice and I like to go to the beach and the mall, but when I'm home I train with my uncle Michael.

Tell us about your crush.

Gemma: OMG, I can't believe I'm about to say this. I am obsessed with this boy in my class named Ford Chase. He is so cute.

What are your thoughts on vampires?

Gemma: Vampires? You know about them? The race itself isn't bad. My grandfather was full-blooded vampire and ran the Brotherhood Order in this part of the country. There is good and bad in everyone. But Rogue vampires made the choice to live the way they do.

Answer fast!
Favorite food? Pizza
Favorite color? Purple
Perfect date? 
Any date with Ford Chase
Dream Job? Being a Protector

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Gemma: That I have to hide who I really am from my friends.

Thanks for stopping by, Gemma. :) 

About 'Protect Us'

Anna-Marie and Alessandro work hard to provide a stable life for their only child, Gemma. The child that was bestowed to them by their goddess Ameretat for reasons still unknown. Like Alessandro’s mother did to him, Anna-Marie works diligently to protect her special daughter and lead her away from following in her father’s footsteps in becoming a Protector. Weeks before Gemma’s eighteenth birthday Gemma has a magical night with a boy, Ford Chase, who just may have been “the one”. They laughed and danced and kissed under the moon light, that is before he was forcefully taken from her by a Rogue. Gemma desperately chases after them, but to no avail. Heartbroken and angry Gemma vows right then and there, despite her parents pleading, she will join the Protector order on her eighteenth birthday and avenge Ford’s death. No one could have foreseen the events that would ensue there after and little by little the gifts that Ameretat blessed Gemma with become apparent and are far more than anyone could ever imagine.


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