The Final Academy of the Fallen Novel

As the story of Hunter and Kayla comes to an end in Forsaken, the final Academy of the Fallen novel, I find myself doing the same thing that readers often do... going through character withdrawals!  I already miss Hunter, Xavier, Ethan, and of course, my favorite stubborn character... Kayla.

Forsaken was released on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords a few days ago and paperbacks will be released on July 30th (signed copies available for pre-order!).  I'm loving the reviews that I got so far and I'm glad that readers are are enjoying the twists and getting closure as the series comes to the end.  As promised (and this wasn't easy)... no cliffhangers!  As much as I love cliffhangers, I would never end a series that way.  Of course, I can't promise anything with the other books. *evil grin*

To celebrate the release of Forsaken, here is an awesome giveaway and thanks again to everyone who donated to the giveaway! <3 p="">
I hope you enjoy the last book in the series and as always... Happy Reading!

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Swag pack from author Emma Michaels


  1. Wow thanks for the chance to win in this fabulous giveaway

  2. And the winners are...

    Swag pack from Emma Michaels – Kim Duncan

    99 cents ebook from Bookoholic Annonymous – Aimee Long

    Signed paperback of Forsaken and bookmark – Valerie Long

    Swag pack - Karen Williams Bradford

    Wide Awake audiobook – Angela Ray Day



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