Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Teaser Tuesday - The Sweetest Date - Venom

Through the window, I can see him put the blanket on the bed of the truck. He comes back around with the flashlight and leads me to the back, helping me up. I sit on the blanket and he hops up, lying down next to where I’m sitting.

He sighs. “It’s funny that you asked me to bring you here.”

“Why?” I ask, looking back at him. He is playing with the flashlight, now shinning it on my face and nearly blinding me.

“Sorry,” he says as he puts the flashlight down on the back center of truck’s bed.

“This is where I came when I ran away once.”

“I’m not running away,” I say defensively. “I just needed to well—to get a way for a while.”

“You can lie down,” he says. “I don’t bite.” I laugh at his comment. I lie down next to him and stare up at the stars; one of the few things that, centuries after centuries, remains unchanged.

I feel his hand on mine and I close my eyes.

“My first name is Sarah,” I say and I can feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders as I say it.

He looks to the side so he is facing me.

“Noelle is my middle name,” I say before he asks for an explanation.

“Can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

I nod.

“It’s just something I heard. One of my mom’s friend, Ms. Lindsey, well, she has been saying that you and your family are in witness protection. That is the reason you live with your brothers and were home-schooled, and the real reason you move around a lot. I didn’t pay her any attention before because she is known to spread rumors and start drama, but—”

I think about maybe saying that is true, I mean, we are hiding and we are running away.

“Is it true?” he asks. “I won’t say anything.”

I shake my head. “No, it’s not true.”

He nods. “Sorry. I should’ve known better.”

“It’s fine.”

“So I’m not going to get up one day and find out that you are gone, right?”

I don’t answer him. After a while, I can feel him squeeze my hand and I finally say, “My brothers are a little crazy. I can’t truthfully answer that question. In fact, I live in fear of that happening.”

Another truth, more weight lifted off my shoulders.

I pull my hand away. “Maybe we should end things now. I know you don’t want to deal with the craziness that is my life. I mean, who would?”

He turns on his side and grabs my hand, pulling it toward his mouth and kissing it. “Not a chance,” he says. “I’d rather live in the present and not think about the ‘what ifs’.”

“But—” I stop talking when he leans over on top of me and I can feel his breath against my lips and then, he kisses me and for that moment, I forget about every single ‘what if’ that haunts me.

©2014 Daniele Lanzarotta. May not be reprinted or reproduced in any manner, written, electronic or otherwise without express permission of author.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Guest Post by Author Liz Long - HUNTED


I'm so excited to have you be a part of my release day for HUNTED, Book 3 of the Donovan Circus Series! Sometimes it feels like I just released the first book, GIFTED, a few days ago; other times, it feels like more years than it's actually been! :) Thank you to the amazing bloggers, authors, and readers who have helped make this such an awesome release day. Also a special thanks to my cover designer, Kate at Dwell Design Press for her amazing cover work! I hope you all find the third adventure as exciting as the first two - and perhaps much darker, as there are many underlying things bubbling to the surface, secrets coming unveiled, and a death that will shake the troupe in a terrible way.

Back Cover Synopsis: Lucy Sullivan finally belongs with the gifted Donovan Circus. Members are finding their rhythm, even the new folks from the Grayson Circus who joined after the last attack. Lucy feels like a trusted leader who can win the gifted battles and prevent humans from discovering their existence. When tragedy strikes camp, a distraught Sheffield sends Lucy and her gifted team to hunt down the enemy – Alex, a Chameleon with a wicked ability for war. He’s out for blood and won’t stop until Lucy and her friends are dead. This time, it won’t be Lucy’s gift that is tested – it will be her morality. To save her circus, the price will be greater than she ever expected. This time, she will lose someone she loves. And it will change everything.

PURCHASE LINKS amazon74196-b26nIBooks_logo ___________________________________________________________________
Haven't read the first two in the series? No problem! You can get the first adventure, GIFTED, for only 99 cents on Amazon, B&N, and iBooks!
Gifted A Donovan Circus Novel cover image 
In Gifted, meet Lucy, a Firestarter who just wants to be normal amongst the freaks. She can control fire, though she’s quick to discover that power doesn’t always bring good things. Her famous father may have created a fiery legacy, but their good name is threatened when Lucy’s framed for murder. Felix Hardy, an old “friend” of the show, offers another side of the Donovan Circus story, one her father never told her. As she struggles to clear her name, Lucy will discover that maybe some things are better left in the past.



BURNED is just $2.99 on the same platforms. Get it for your e-reader today! Burned picks up right where Gifted left off, in a new city and ready to get back to work. When Lucy is attacked on the grounds, it’s discovered her enemy had friends – big ones. Medved, a Shapeshifter known as “the Bear,” is intent on the gifted world’s exposure to humans. To build his army, he needs Sheffield and Lucy out of his way. Sheffield sends Lucy and her friends to form an alliance with the Grayson Circus members, who have as many quirks as the Donovan group. Not all are who they seem and Lucy must choose who to trust before Medved kills them all. 


About the Author:
Liz Long, indie author
Liz Long is a ridiculously proud graduate of Longwood University with a BA in English. Her inspiration comes from action and thriller genres and she spends entirely too much time watching superhero movies. Her fabulous day job as a Social Media & PR Strategist includes writing for LeisureMedia360 (Roanoker, bridebook, Blue Ridge Country magazines) in Roanoke, VA. The Donovan Circus series has best been described as "X-Men meets the circus with a murder mystery thrown in." Her second book Witch Hearts, is a story about a serial killer hunting witches for their powers. Her newest title, A Reaper Made, is a fantasy about a Reaper who must work a little magic to save her family's souls from demons. All titles are available for paperback or ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. 

To learn more about Liz, visit her website: http://lizclong.com

Author Links: 
Twitter: (Handle: @LizCLong) https://twitter.com/LizCLong 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Ripley's Booklist banner

YA Author Ripley Patton and her YA son are starting a new endeavor, RIPLEY'S BOOKLIST, and they're seeking YA Authors and Readers to join them.

RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST is a Young Adult Fiction e-book subscription list curated by the mother/son team, serving up quality CHEAP and FREE YA book deals to your inbox once a week.



E-book subscription lists are a dime a dozen, There are hundreds of them, many of which you've probably already subscribed (and then unsubscribed) to. So, why add another one? Ripley's Booklist will focus on young adult fiction ONLY. They read YA. They write YA. They breathe YA. So, they'll be honing in on what they know and love to curate the best YA fiction under $5 they can find. If you read YA, this list is for you.


Most e-book subscriptions lists accept any book or author who pays their listing fee. That isn't curating. It's business. RIPLEY'S BOOKLIST will ONLY feature books they ourselves would want to read, own, and spend their hard earned money on. They are going to be VERY selective, and they're going to tell you exactly why they selected the books they chose.


They want to cultivate their list into a vibrant YA reading and writing community. In the future, they hope to not only list books but to develop such features as Themed Lists (Example: YA books featuring autism), Monthly Reading Challenges, Book Clubs, Book Discussions, Guest Authors, Giveaways, and more. And they'll be polling you, their readers and authors, to see how they can best serve you. Getting in on the ground floor now allows you to be a part of exactly how Ripley's Booklist evolves and grows.


RIPLEY'S BOOKLIST will begin going out to subscribers the first week of April, but before that can happen they need readers and they need authors to submit their books. On the first count, because of the following Ripley has built up around her acclaimed YA series, THE PSS CHRONICLES, RIPLEY'S BOOKLIST already has a reach of close to 30,000 viewers. But they want to grow their list and blow that number out of the water.

So, if you are a reader of YA, you can sign up HERE, right now.

If you're an author, you can check out their AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS PAGE HERE for all the details.

And don't forget to Meet the Curators of the list HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Guest Post by NYT Bestselling Author Brenda Hiatt - STARFALL

STARFALL, the electrifying conclusion of NYT Bestselling author's Starstruck series was released on February 24th. 

A little about how the whole series came to be…

Back when I was in third grade (or thereabouts), a girl in my class used to tell us all that she was really a Martian princess. She was ADAMANT about it, and even though we made fun of her (as kids will) and tried all kinds of things to convince or trick her into admitting she was making it up, she stuck to her story—probably for at least a month, though of course I remember it as much longer now.  I forgot all about her and her story until a few years ago, when something brought it to mind. At that point, my writer-brain suddenly whispered, “What if she was telling the truth? What if she really WAS a Martian princess?” And thus, the idea for STARSTRUCK was born.

By the time I finished the book (which took me over a year, since it was my first foray into writing for the young adult market after more than a dozen historical romances, and because I was so very determined to get it “right”), I realized I had a series on my hands, not just one book. I really, truly expected it to be a trilogy, but by the time I was halfway into the writing of STARBOUND, the third book, it became obvious that M and Rigel’s story couldn’t possibly be wrapped up without turning it into a mammoth tome! And so…STARFALL happened. As a result, STARBOUND does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, though I was careful to resolve the MAIN story question by the end. I hope those who’ve taken the time to read the first three books will find STARFALL to be a satisfying conclusion to the series. (I can say that early reports from my beta-readers and my editor have been overwhelmingly positive!) 

STARFALL is newly available and already receiving some fabulous reviews. Oh, and STARSTRUCK, the first book of the series, is currently FREE! 


I’ve written the whole Starstruck series to a writing playlist that’s mostly Muse songs, but also a smattering of others (to include Katy Perry’s “E.T.”) Muse’s “The Resistance” album has been especially inspirational and appropriate for this series. In fact, I can name a specific Muse “theme song” from this album for each of the four books in the series! 
For STARSTRUCK (book 1): “Uprising”
For STARCROSSED (book 2): “Resistance”
For STARBOUND (book 3):  “Exogenesis Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)”
and for STARFALL (book 4):  “Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)”

Once you’ve read the whole series, listen to these songs and see if you don’t agree!

STARFALL synopsis:

The electrifying conclusion to the Starstruck series!

M, no longer a nerdy nobody, has finally been acclaimed Sovereign Emileia, ruler of the Martian colony Nuath. But at what cost? Without her soulmate Rigel, life seems pointless but she’s expected to shake off her heartbreak and assume her responsibilities. Reluctantly, M does what she must until an unexpected discovery restores a glimmer of hope for the future. Now she is determined to do whatever she can to salvage her longed-for happy ending—if it’s not already too late.

Author bio:

Brenda Hiatt is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty novels (so far), including traditional Regency romance, time travel romance, historical romance, and humorous mystery. She is as excited about her new young adult science fiction STARSTRUCK series as she's ever been about any of her books. In addition to writing, Brenda is passionate about embracing life to the fullest, to include scuba diving, Taekwondo, hiking, traveling, and reading, of course! For the past dozen years, Brenda has collected data on writers' earnings, which she shares at her website, http://brendahiatt.com.

Other links: 

Series website:


Amazon - iBooks - Google - BN - Kobo

Teaser Tuesday - Happy St. Patrick's Day from Venom's Irish Vampire

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm sharing a little teaser from Venom, featuring my Irish vamp Harvey... and Nicholas, of course. v--v
Nicholas' POV

 I speed the entire way home, where I practically jump out of the car and rush in through the front door.
I find Harvey sitting in the living room, reading a book.
Once he hears me, he puts the book down.
“What is wrong with you?” he asks.
“Where is Sarah?”
“We have a problem.”
He laughs. “I don’t have a problem. You might. In fact, you have more than just one problem, but please, go on.”
“Man, just… I’m not in the mood, okay?”
I guess at that point, he realizes I’m serious and that something really is wrong.
“What happened?”
“We have to move and I need you to do something for me.”
His tone changes immediately. “Why the hell do we have to move and what do you need?”
“I kind of bit someone and couldn’t compel her into forgetting it.”
“Why the hell not?”
“It doesn’t matter. Telling you what happened won’t change anything..."

©2014 Daniele Lanzarotta. May not be reprinted or reproduced in any manner, written, electronic or otherwise without express permission of author.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm back!

Hi everyone,

I'm currently updating my blog. It's been far too long! I really do miss blogging, but it's just been a crazy year. I'm back though and I will be here more often. :)

For now, I will leave you with a quick update on new releases since last time I was here.

The Vampires are back! 
You know... the non-sparkling ones. v--v

Venom, the first novel in the Imprinted Souls Series spin-off, featuring Nicholas, Harvey, and Sarah, is now available. So if you missed my favorite sarcastic vamp, you won't want to miss this!


Things have always been complicated for Sarah. She was one of the few forbidden vampires who were turned as a child. She was a vampire for over 300 years, until the day she was given angel blood.

She is now mortal, but her life is far from normal.

Sarah lives with two vampires: Harvey, and her brother Nicholas. Together, they do what they can to keep her hidden from their kind.

But between her desire to live a normal human life and her brother's inability to truly let go of his past, it's only a matter of time until they are found.

One series begins, and another comes to an end. :( The final novel in the Mermaid's Curse Trilogy was just released this week! No cliffhangers... I promise... but don't get used to it. ;)

And to celebrate the end of the trilogy, Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse 1, is FREE on Kindle, iBooks and RSPLaunchPad ebooks until 3/15!

Here is a little about the final Mermaid's Curse novel.


**Mature Content Warning - Recommended for ages 17+ due to language, violence and sexual content.** 

Blake and Arianna were brought together by a curse. Coming from different worlds and two very dysfunctional families has led them to have to fight for their love. But having to live through tragedy after tragedy has left them broken. 

Their love for each other is the only thing that has kept them going; until new family secrets are revealed and they must face new challenges that will test their love like never before.


Happy Reading!