Six Years and Counting

Yesterday made six years since my first book release - Imprinted Souls. 

Six years since you met Nicholas, the sarcastic and charming vampire who sparked a love/hate relationship with so many readers. He was the first of many book boyfriends that I created, and he was responsible for my first experience watching fans fight over a book boyfriend, which was the best thing ever. lol These might sound like silly things, but they motivated me to keep writing, and fourteen books later, I couldn't have asked for a better support system. 

I really miss the online chats between Nicholas and readers... those late night chats where he never behaved. Those chats were the very reason why his character grew so much and sort of took over the series. Nicholas now has his very own series, and the second book, Blood Ties, is expected to the released next year.

Oh, and I miss his character interviews so much! Those were the best… especially the one where he made fun of the Cullens' by saying that they have fairy DNA, which makes them sparkle (by the way, I love Twilight. That was all him).

I can't thank you enough for making these moments so memorable. 

To celebrate six years of Nicholas, Venom is FREE on Kindle for the rest of this week! AND signed copies are only $8.99 through my website

Thank you for the continuous support. 

Enjoy. v--v


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