Finding Nicholas Contest!

Finding Nicholas Contest! … and previous contest winner announced!

Hi guys!

Well, if you have read one of the Imprinted Souls books, you know that Nicholas is a very unique character. In fact, if you don’t know him, you can get an idea by reading a character interview that Nicholas did for the Between the Covers blog.

Anyway, his uniqueness makes it very difficult to find someone that could be portrayed as Nicholas.

So, here is the contest:

All you have to do is find someone who could be Nicholas... BUT, it has to be either from a stock photo website (such as iphotostock, fotolia, etc) or you can draw him (must be original work done by you). E-mail the picture's website link (or drawing) to Please add "Finding Nicholas Contest" to the subject line.
I will make the top 3 potential Nicholas' available for voting on the blog and Facebook on March 2nd. Entries should be submitted by March 1st!

The prize?

Same as the last contest!

***Winner will get to have a character named after he/she in the second book from the Academy of the Fallen Series. The first book, Wide Awake, will be released this Fall.*** After Wide Awake is released, the winner will get two character profiles to choose from!

Good luck! v--v

The winner for the last contest was Jennifer Holcomb! Jennifer writes poems inspired by books, and she also takes great pictures! So, here is a picture of THE alley (inspired by the alley described in the first Italy), and here is the link for the Imprinted Souls poem (there is also one for Bloodlust).
Congratulations Jennifer!


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