Authors and Reviews

I felt the urge to blog after witnessing a bit of social media drama involving an author’s response to a bad review.

After writing five books, I believe I’ve seen it all as far as reviews go. I’m not gonna lie, my first bad review felt like a slap in the face. By that time I had over ten really good reviews, but the bad one stood out. I will probably never forget it… unless I can find a hot vampire to glamour and make me forget about it…

Anyway, my advice as far as bad reviews go, is to let it go. People have different tastes. Sadly, not everyone is going to like your work.

Yes… I know… the urge to comment is there and there are moments when you cannot look away. I once had a review where the person had not read past the sample and even then, wrote an entire review about the storyline and characters… hmmm… Let’s just say that if you absolutely have to comment, do it professionally. :)

Okay, I wrote what I had to…

Authors & Bloggers: be nice to one another. :)


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