Nephilim Synopsis!


  1. I just had to offer one thing about this and that is demons are beings who gave themselves unto the beast called the serpent the father of craftiness. Which is the lie that most receive and find it good to eat. That the gods who secure earthly measure are not able to repent because they did not allow the beast its reign over anyone. But whereby it is possible for their confession to relieve them of the evil that attacks the purity within to cause it to be against the law Mercy allows the confession not to transgress the law and keeps the pure, prefect and of course holy. So to add to the state of affairs it is only found within those who are willing to look past self and believe that by their heart it causes one to be separated and by the state of the heart it causes on to be enjoined to the truth. The problem they continually face is the rise of the ever continued question. By law alone to question is to be lead to death, death is torment. So it is kind of discouraging but because of the New Testament as much mercy is needed to be applied they can receive it to question all day and night long and never have to suffer under the law. But it take them to do one thing step out a little child trusting what they hear of truth and just do it...question the worse thing they could ever face they are already in it. The only thing that could come about it is the truth liberty freedom answers without judgment.


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