30 Days of Hunger Games-Day 4

Hey everyone! 
Welcome to Day 4 of The 30 Days of Hunger Games! 
How are you holding up so far? If you end up missing any of the days, click on the 30 Days of Hunger Games tab at the WoW blog,  Don't forget to join in on Day 2, reaping will begin on March 1! We need more males to join!

So for Day 4, we're going to wind down from the giveaways and excitement for a bit, but we would still love your participation in the comments section! Ok, so we will be posting up all the trailers that have been released so far for The Hunger Games and I will be asking you, the readers, which scene are you looking forward to the most to be depicted on the big screen? I'm sure many of you have watched these trailers about a billion gazillion times, I know I have, so without further ado..

Ok, We think that's enough of the Hunger Games to get you all excited for the movie again! If we missed any that you have seen, please tell us because the 3rd TV Spot, I JUST found, so xD So for the Discussion Question for Day 4: What scene are you looking forward to the most to be depicted on the big screen? Even though we giving nothing away for this, you can still earn the extra entry into the reaping ball for participating in the discussion question! Don't forget to include your name and what district you're from, fellow tributes! If you are not apart of the Hunger Games event, then please include your e-mail (:

We still need males to join us for the HG, so recruit people! If no males join us by the end of the month, WoW will choose TWO females from each district, just to stay true to the tradition (: The last day to enter your name into the reaping ball is February 29, the day before the reaping! 

That's it for Day 4! I hope you join us tomorrow for Day 5 for some more Hunger Games fun! Until then and...


  1. I love the trailers!
    Well I'm mostly looking forward to Rue's lullaby part. And also the cave scene. xD

    Marla Calalo - District 6

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  3. I watch the trailers almost every day! I am so excited to see it all!! I think rue's lullaby as well just to see the unfolding of The Hunger Games itself :)
    (forgot to add this) Shaina Jachim- District 9 haha

  4. I can't wait to see the movie.
    Veronika Briseno - District 10

  5. The Games! Especially the beginning and end and oh the cave scene!

    Jessica Sutton - District 10


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