Nephilim (Academy of the Fallen 2) Updates!

Hi everyone!

I was just about to open Twitter to post these updates when I realized that 140 characters are just not going to be enough. :)

So, here it is!

Nephilim's official release date is February 28th! 

The books came in today, and signed copies of Nephilim are now available for pre-order through, where you can also find a special deal when purchasing both, Wide Awake and Nephilim.

There is a special Kindle and Nook offer for Wide Awake (AoF1).  Wide Awake on Kindle and Nook is only 99 cents and this offer is valid only until 2/28/12.

I hope you are enjoying the series!

Please check Facebook and Twitter for excerpts.  Here is the first one I posted:

“... If this was to be our last night together, how would you want to spend it?”
“I would want to spend it with you. Even if we had thousands of nights, I would want to spend every single one of them with you.”

Happy Reading!


  1. will there be another book in the Academy series or is it done

  2. Hi! There will be others. The next one will be 'Sins of the Fallen'. :)


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