Paranormal Legacy Blog Tour - Character Interview with Haily

I'm honored to be a part of Caitlin Hensley's blog tour.  You know how much I love character development and just meeting new characters in general, so I asked Caitlin if I could interview one of her characters.  

Meet Haily!
Haily Long is the main character from Paranormal Legacy, the first book of The Inhuman Chronicles. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading, using sarcasm, and stalking the new neighbors. Her author is Caitlin Hensley, who lives in rural Oklahoma and has great fun typing out Haily’s adventures. For more information on Haily and Caitlin, check out Caitlin’s blogFacebook pageGoodreads account, or Amazon author page
Hi Haily. Welcome to the blog, and thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
My author made me, so I didn’t really have a choice. But thanks.
What’s your favorite thing to do?
I like to read, which is why I have millions of books littering my bedroom. Well, okay, that number’s a little exaggerated. But still, I have lots of books. Something else I like to do is skulk around next door (against my mom’s wishes) to visit Nathan Knight and his family. He’s a werewolf. Nathan, I mean. So that’s pretty cool.
Worst fear?
Needles. Those things freak me out. But paranormal creatures of darkness? They’re nothing.
Did you leave any friends or a special guy behind when you moved?
A few friends, but I didn’t really see them much outside of school. No special guys, either. For some reason, guys always treat me like I’ve got the plague. It’s kind of insulting.
What was the worst thing about moving?
The whole experience was pretty sucky. I woke up in the middle of the night to this weirdo kicking in the front door. Then this other weirdo (he was my age, and sort of cute, actually) pinned me to the bed and acted creepy. My mom and I had to run for our lives to get away from Weirdo #1 and Weirdo #2, so all I got to bring with me was a bag of stuff and my dog Charles. On top of all that, my mother won’t even tell me who those creeps were.
Right now, my favorite hobby is researching paranormal creatures. I tried to use an old katana to defend myself from one of the neighbors when he flashed his fangs at me, but that didn’t work out so well. I need to find ways to kill vampires and werewolves just in case the neighbors try to, you know, off me.
What breed is Charles?
He’s brown and white, and he’s a terrier, I think. We rescued him from the animal shelter, so I’m not sure about his exact breed.
If you could go back to where you came from, would you?
To Oldborne? I used to think so, but after discovering a nest of paranormal creatures, I’m not sure. Things are starting to look really interesting…
Thanks for stopping by, Haily!  I'm looking forward to learning more about you!


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