Interview with Author Devyn Dawson

Author interview with author Devyn Dawson about her new adult novel 'Sapphire'.

Sapphire didn't want to go out, but after some coaxing from her sister, she agreed to go. It was that night, and the days to come that would awaken her sexual desire and her heart.

Parker had never had a girl hold his gaze... most everyone wouldn't dare challenge him that way. She wasn't one of his kind though, she was human and against the rules. He knew her spirit was calling out to his wolf. His wolf was more than ready to answer that call. She was the one... he would kill for her, he would die for her, but would he disobey his alpha for her?


Q&A with Devyn Dawson

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your writing journey up to this point. 
Myself isn’t all that interesting.  I’m an empty-nester that enjoys writing paranormal books.  I write what I enjoy reading.

2. Sapphire is your first NA novel. What made you want to go from young adult to new adult?
I’ve always said that when I finish The Legacy of Kilkenny series, I’d start a new one of them five years in the future as adults.  When my email started blowing up over Parker and Sapphire from Malevolence, I had no choice.  They were a fun couple to write.  I knew their story the minute I named Sapphire.

3. Did you find it more difficult to write NA? Were there obstacles that weren’t there before with YA novels?  
I wanted to make sure the story flowed without sounding too young.

4. Sapphire and Parker were old characters of yours. Tell us a little about them.
They’re pretty amazing.  Sapphire is a small business owner who shares a duplex with her siblings and her mother lives on the other side.  She’s about loyalty, family and enjoys a good time.  Parker is a strong, intelligent werewolf who knows what he wants.  He holds strong to his beliefs and will seek vengeance to those that harm the people he cares about.

5. Why were they the chosen characters for your NA novel?
The fans chose them.

6. Do you plan on writing more new adult novels? You know… maybe one with Caleb from the Light Tamer Series. ;)  
I do plan on writing another one but not with characters you know.  *grins as evil plan comes together*

7. What is your favorite thing about writing YA novels? What about NA novels?  
I love writing with an imagination and knowing the reader will open theirs too.  NA isn’t much different, except the sexy parts - how fun is that!

8. What are you working on right now?  
I’m working on a secret project…. shhhhhhhh


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