Friday, March 22, 2013

Blingee Addiction - Contest

Yesterday, I ran into this website called  I don't even remember how I got there, but once I did, I couldn't leave.

If you are not familiar with the website, you can use it to combine images (uploaded by you or from the website itself) and add quotes & other things to them.  Once you find your way around the website, it is pretty easy and they also have videos showing how to 'make a blingee'.

I had so much fun with the website that I decided to make a contest out of it!

Make a Blingee inspired by any of my book series: 
Mermaid's Curse, Imprinted Souls, or Academy of the Fallen and you will be entered to win a signed copy of any of my books (paperback - winner's choice).

Blingees must be shared on any of my Facebook pages or Twitter (@DaniLanzarotta) to make sure I see it.

I will be accepting entries until April 15th.

Have fun! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse - Chapter 1 Sneak Preview

Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse

Chapter One Sneak Preview

He’s smiling down at me and all I can do is look away.  Happiness seems to be such a rare emotion for him, it always has, and I know it’s only a matter of time until I become the one responsible for that smile turning into something dark.
He places his finger under my chin, lifting my head up.  “Well, do you regret it?” he asks.
I want to tell him the truth, that I don’t regret it, that I’d rather have had one day with him than none at all, but the words don’t come out at first.  I take a deep breath and I know that I have to lie.  I have to push him as far away from me as I can, because I have no other option.  So I focus on the part that I do regret.  I focus on the fact that when offered my dreams to be made true, consequences didn’t even cross my mind.  Not just consequences to myself, but I also never once stopped to think about how my choices would impact those around me, how they would impact him.
All I can think is that my next words are going to shatter everything that both of us have lived for in the past few weeks.
There was only one thing that I ever wished for: to be human.  I always felt like I didn’t belong.  My dad used to tell me stories about the human world and how lucky I was to live in a place even humans considered magical.  I used to believe that to be true.  Everything seemed so fun: swimming all day, seeing the different colors around, and exploring the ships that ended up on the bottom of the ocean.  One day, I stopped feeling like that.
My dad and I lived near an island, which seemed to be owned by one family only; after all, they were always the only ones there.  Every summer when they came, I would swim as close to the island as I could and hide behind the rocks to watch them.  I wasn’t trying to be creepy, I was just curious about their world.
Years ago, when I was eleven years old, I was hiding behind the rocks when I saw the boy who looked a little older than me.  He seemed so mad.  I saw a woman coming out of the house yelling, ‘Blake!  He didn’t mean it!’
The boy just ignored her and ran toward the other side of the island. That was the day my life changed.  I hated what I was because I wanted to go after him and see if he was okay, but I couldn’t.
All I could do was swim back as fast as I could and hide in one of the wrecked ships that wasn’t too far away from my home.  I was so mad about what I was and how limited I was because of it, that I didn’t want to see anyone.
I finally decided to go home when it started to get dark.  It was only a matter of time before dad decided to send the whole kingdom to look for me.
On the way back, I ran into my friend Desiree.  Like me, she liked to watch the humans every once in a while.  She came to tell me the humans were leaving and to ask if I wanted to watch them go.  I told her I had to get back and that was it. 
That was the last time I saw him that summer, but they always came back.  Year-after-year, I watched the boy come back to the island.  I knew that whenever he was alone, he was the saddest being I had ever seen.  I also knew that there were a few things that always made him smile.  He loved reading and writing, spending time with his younger brother, and years later, his little sister. I caught myself laughing with them several times, as he played with her at the beach.  And then there was this year, the most horrible year of my life… the year I turned eighteen.   That was when I saw him with a girl, both lying down on a blanket at the beach, and I felt things that I had never felt before.  When he leaned on top of her and I saw his lips touching hers, I wanted to be that girl.  I wanted to have legs instead of a stupid tail.  I wanted to be the one he kissed. 

©2013 Daniele Lanzarotta. May not be reprinted or reproduced in any manner, written, electronic or otherwise without express permission of author.



Paperback (signed copies - likely to ship before 3/30)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Insatiable - Book Release and Giveaway

It's finally here!

Today is the official release date for the Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse eBooks.  I'm already loving the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. :D

To celebrate I put together a huge giveaway!  One person will win all of these items!

(Giveaway starts tonight at midnight)

Signed poster, signed bookmark, metal bookmark, and a secret prize, which may include one or more items. ;)


Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse



Monday, March 11, 2013

Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse - Sneak Preview

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to announce that Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse is already available on Kindle and Nook!  Here is a random sneak preview at Arianna's world.


When I returned, my father was waiting for me and he wasn’t happy.
“Were you watching the humans again?” he asked in a cold tone.
I nodded.
He shook his head and sat down.  “I worry about you, Arianna.  You have no friends.  And then there’s Bram.  He’s a good man and he has been asking you to be his for so long.”
“Dad, I’m not a thing that should ‘belong’ to someone.”
“That’s not what I meant, Arianna.”
“Isn’t it though?  That’s how we live, Dad.  We belong to our parents until we get married and belong to someone else.  That’s not what I want.”
“That’s called tradition, Arianna.  Watching the humans for as long as you have has put ideas into your head that should never be there.  You are not human and never will be.  You are my daughter, and as the ruler of our kingdom, I’ll not allow you to be a bad example for the others.”
I stood there, speechless.   Tears sprung to my eyes.  My dad had never spoken to me as a ruler.
His tone didn’t soften one bit as he continued.  “I can’t take any chances, Arianna.  Our kingdom has questioned my ability to rule ever since your mother left.”
“But you are a good leader.  If they don’t see that—“
“Arianna, enforcing traditions is a part of being a good King.  You should’ve been married two years ago.”
“What are you saying, dad?”
“I’m saying that you’ll marry Bram tomorrow evening.”
“What?  But—There is no time to—”
My failed attempt to find excuses to avoid this wedding never stood a chance.  Father said everything would be ready and there was no changing his mind.
I turned around to leave.
“Sit down, Arianna,” he said in a firm tone.
Avoiding his gaze, I sat down.  I hoped that if I didn’t argue back, he would come to his senses.
“Lyra, Anthea, Amias!” he yelled.
The three came as fast as they could.  There was a sense of urgency to my father’s voice at that moment.  He was using his ‘ruler voice’, which he rarely did at home.
As soon as they were all in the room, father started to spill orders.  “Lyra, I need you to go find Bram and bring him to me.  Amias, escort my daughter to her room and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.  Lyra, Arianna is getting married tomorrow evening.  Make sure everything is ready for the ceremony.”
They were all as shocked as I was.
“GO!” Father yelled.
Amias faced me, and I swam to my room with him following me.
“What did you do to make him so mad?”
I shrugged.
“You were watching the humans again, weren’t you?”
I gave him a cold look hoping that would be enough for him to leave me alone.
Amias put his hands up.  “Sorry.  None of my business, I know.”
I swam into my room, leaving Amias behind along with the ripples of water that I created as I swam past him.

©2013 Daniele Lanzarotta. May not be reprinted or reproduced in any manner, written, electronic or otherwise without express permission of author.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paranormal Legacy Blog Tour - Character Interview with Haily

I'm honored to be a part of Caitlin Hensley's blog tour.  You know how much I love character development and just meeting new characters in general, so I asked Caitlin if I could interview one of her characters.  

Meet Haily!
Haily Long is the main character from Paranormal Legacy, the first book of The Inhuman Chronicles. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading, using sarcasm, and stalking the new neighbors. Her author is Caitlin Hensley, who lives in rural Oklahoma and has great fun typing out Haily’s adventures. For more information on Haily and Caitlin, check out Caitlin’s blogFacebook pageGoodreads account, or Amazon author page
Hi Haily. Welcome to the blog, and thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
My author made me, so I didn’t really have a choice. But thanks.
What’s your favorite thing to do?
I like to read, which is why I have millions of books littering my bedroom. Well, okay, that number’s a little exaggerated. But still, I have lots of books. Something else I like to do is skulk around next door (against my mom’s wishes) to visit Nathan Knight and his family. He’s a werewolf. Nathan, I mean. So that’s pretty cool.
Worst fear?
Needles. Those things freak me out. But paranormal creatures of darkness? They’re nothing.
Did you leave any friends or a special guy behind when you moved?
A few friends, but I didn’t really see them much outside of school. No special guys, either. For some reason, guys always treat me like I’ve got the plague. It’s kind of insulting.
What was the worst thing about moving?
The whole experience was pretty sucky. I woke up in the middle of the night to this weirdo kicking in the front door. Then this other weirdo (he was my age, and sort of cute, actually) pinned me to the bed and acted creepy. My mom and I had to run for our lives to get away from Weirdo #1 and Weirdo #2, so all I got to bring with me was a bag of stuff and my dog Charles. On top of all that, my mother won’t even tell me who those creeps were.
Right now, my favorite hobby is researching paranormal creatures. I tried to use an old katana to defend myself from one of the neighbors when he flashed his fangs at me, but that didn’t work out so well. I need to find ways to kill vampires and werewolves just in case the neighbors try to, you know, off me.
What breed is Charles?
He’s brown and white, and he’s a terrier, I think. We rescued him from the animal shelter, so I’m not sure about his exact breed.
If you could go back to where you came from, would you?
To Oldborne? I used to think so, but after discovering a nest of paranormal creatures, I’m not sure. Things are starting to look really interesting…
Thanks for stopping by, Haily!  I'm looking forward to learning more about you!