12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 - The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne

Hi Everyone!

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the characters from The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne. This is an upcoming series that I added to my TBR list months ago and hope you will add to yours as well!

Hi Ava. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview for my blog. I understand that you have a lot going on, so please stop me if the questions get too personal.

Hi Daniele, I thank you for agreeing on this interview. My creator has admired your work for a while now. *bows head*

Can you tell us a little about you… How old you are and what a ‘normal’ day with you would be like?

I am going on 18 now . I am a difficult girl. I m always arguing with someone. * laughs* Before the change , before the Zulu threat, a normal day would be going to class, studying, hockey practice and perhaps finding some rule to break *laughs* That has all changed now. Now I dont have time for school , or friends, thing has spiraled completly out of control. So my life is always in some way under threat. There are things out there who know who and what we are, what I am , so We're always in defense, fighting someone. We are always descovering new facts about who we are, I wont rest until the damage has been undone. Until all the truths have been uncovered. Until all the threats have been eliminated. Great I sound like a dam mashine.

I understand that you have something of your mothers…. A journal. How do you feel when reading it? Does that have any impact on you remembering things from before you arrived to Poseidon?

Yes I have my mother's journal. No it has no impact on remembering my jouney to this planet. What it does help with, is going throught the changes, through the mind-shift. The world my mother describes in her journal we have never known, sometimes it is hard to read it, she too went through the change,but not like me, her genetic line was not the same, her change was much more unstable, the pain ,the torture, secrets, Its hard to understand ,to not know when its in her mind or really happening. There are things she knows that no one knew about, it has kept me going, It helps to understand what we are. Who we are. And why we were created.Some things in her journal dont make sense yet, others make total sense.

What is like in Poseidon like? What kinds of things do you do when not in school?

*Smiles* Poseidon has six moons, three are visible from the surface of Poseidon, they take on the color of Aqua, so its never that very dark on Poseidon. We have the Silverwood forest that covers most of it's surface, long rivers, and terquise ocean. In the spring and summer our grass, our trees are covered in sweet smelling flowers. The sky varies from lilac to Amethyst, light hues of pink , its beautiful , picturesque really.

What we do on Poseidon when the council arn't keeping us busy with school or sports, or studies, or science. Depends what school you are in. The Military school - Who knows what they get up to? creating all kinds of weapons, flying objects , ect. The other's ,we hang out at the Cafe, we play pool. The girls like to go down to the Minoan Market to shop and take a peek at the Minoan boys. In the Summer we swim in the ocean. Im glad to say that summer has returned to Poseidon after six years. I still wonder why our planet stopped changing seasons? Perhaps it has something to do with The Zulu's witch doctor and his evil magic.

What kind of classes do you have in school?

Well we are the first generation to live on Poseidon form Earth. The question you should be asking is what we dont have. Archaeology, music, art, cooking, design. 'We don''t have any subjects that can differentiate our individuality. Our planet is a technological planet, we do science, math, earth history , Genetic biology, advanced physics , crap like that. I am about to change that - or lets say I have already changed that.

I hear you have a BFF names Sam. What is your friendship like? How do you think things would be like without Sam?

Sam and I are very different , she loves to be a social butterfly, I see past everyone's crap . I like to keep to myself, its better that way or you;ll get sucked into their world and never figure out who you are. Sam and I ,we are like water and air, the one cannot be without the other. We are almost one, we share everything. We do everything together. I cannot imagine me without Sam. She keeps me sane. We bring out the best of each other. Im constantly being watched because to who I am. The granddaughter of our Institute's founder as we know it today . Sam never judges me, she loves me for me. Now that my life has changed , I feel I am not there for her as I should be, Its tearing me apart.

Is there a guy in your life? Someone you are interested in?

*blushes* Troy. he's from the Military school , he is like no one on this planet. You'' ll find out soon enough what sets him apart from all of us. He's arrogant, egotistical, sexy, confident. He's my night in shining armor. I would have died if it were not for him.

How do you feel about the people who live in Poseidon?

Well there are three different kinds, us The Broken , I hate and love them. Because I am like them, I understand why they are scared and prefer to stay stupid to whats infront of them. I hate them becaue they are scared. They have potential , they want to be like the kids they see in the movies form Earth when they know they are diffent.

The Minoans are an ancient culture, they go back to the ancient egyptians form earth. I admire that they still live true to their culture. They are storng proud and caring people. They dont lie, but that has changed too.

The Zulu's they are similar to the Minoans , I have seen their true colors , once the evil threat has been eliminated , and the force over them is gone, I see a kind hopefull and proud culture. We can learn a lot form them. I look up to them. The are true warriors.

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

My temper.

What is the one thing that you want the most in your life?

To be able to understand the mind-shift. To be able to control it. To be able to control myself. Oh and perhaps the fact that I killed someone, I cannot say at this time who it is, you're gonna have to find out. *wipes tear* I should have stoped myself , I m not sure I was totally unaware of what I was doing, and that scares me. It was too easy. I could regret it more, it should bug me everyday, somethimes I dont even think of it. I guess Im just hiding it deep down inside, what ever I am suppose to feel after killing someone. We all knew him, before he went all ... I 've said to much.


For more information about The Broken Series and Carlyle, please visit http://www.carlylelabuschagne.com/


  1. I love character interviews! This one is great. :-)

  2. What an interesting character! This is a great way to present an author's work. Well done!

  3. Thank you. :) I LOVE character interviews. They are so much fun!


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