12 Days of Christmas - Day 5 - Meet the Blogger

Today I have Mandy from TWIMOM101 Book Blog! Hope you enjoy the Q&A. Make sure to check out her blog for awesome book releases, trailers, and much more!

twimom101 book blog

Tell us about your blog and how you got started.
Mandy: Well once I came over to twitter and facebook I started following people who loved Twilight but also loved books. I had started a blog to feature my etsy items, but soon ended up changing it all over to book related posts. I wasn't doing reviews, just book updates, book to movie news, etc...Then one day Lindsay from Team Twilight asked me to do a review. And I thought it turned out pretty well so I started accepting books for reviews on my blog.

What are some of your favorite things about running a book blog?

Mandy: Oh gosh that would be all the great authors I have met. Once I started doing reviews I started reading some awesome books by some self-publish authors and they are just so humble, sweet and honored to have your read their work. And the best thing is they keep interacting with their fans long after you've read their books.

What is your favorite genre and why?

Mandy: I don't really have a specific genre that’s a favorite. But I tend to read more YA and love supernatural stories.

What are your last/current/future reads?

*Last read was Young Love Murder by April Brookshire

*Current read is Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace by Yianna Yiannacou

*Future read is Phantom Lives:Collier by Elizabeth Loraine

What are your top 3 favorite books? … and you are welcome… I thought it would be unfair to ask you to pick just one. *winks *

Mandy: Oh that’s easy, I am going to have to do it in series though. 1. Collide series by Shelly Crane 2. The Elemental series by Elizabeth Hunter and 3. The Significance series by Shelly Crane. But yeah that made it easier for me to choose.

If you could interview one author that you haven’t already, who would it be?
Mandy: Charlaine Harris. I LOVE her Harper Connelly series! My uncle is friends with her and he got me a signed book (Sookie short stories book) and a pic of him and her together. I even tired emailing her assistant to see if I could interview her, but nope. So now I guess I gotta drop names (my uncles) and see if that helps lol ;)

Awesome plan! It is not what you know, it is who you know... right? :)

Now, my favorite question: If you could go on a date with a book character, who would that character be and why? (Make sure to tell us what book the character belongs to.)

Mandy: Again, easy answer. Merrick from the Collide series by Shelly Crane. I adore the crap out of that dude. So much so I got a necklace made that says 'Merrick is my Keeper'. If you haven't read the series, Merrick is sent to be a Keeper to a human on earth, like a guardian. But yeah he is so freakin adorable! And also Gio from Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series. GAH! Gio is seriously smoldering and ultra sexy!

Adding the Collide series to TBR list! :)

What would be the perfect date with the character above?

Mandy: Man, that’s a toughy. Maybe take Merrick to the beach to just hang out all day. I mean, the guy is used to being stuck underground hiding from the Lighters. But with Gio I would just stay in all night ;)

Is there a character that annoys or who you just want to smack every once in a while? * laughs *

Mandy: There are several. One off the top of my head would be Will from Clockwork Angel by Cassie Clare. I just think one Jace is enough...plus Will is just plain annoying.

*laughs* I agree 100% I love Jace though... even when he has his moments...

If you were a book character in a paranormal novel, what kind of supernatural would you be and what kind of power would you have?

Mandy: Zombie. I have a thing for zombies. Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies is the best. And I would want to be one...minus the brain eating. Ok so maybe zombie wasn't a good pick. *scratch that* Let’s go with faery. And I would want to fly.

Ew! *laughs* You can always be a zombie with a special diet! *laughs*

In your opinion what is the best movie adaptation of a book that you've read?

Mandy: Looking forward to Warm Bodies (see previous answer). I also enjoyed Water for Elephants movie better than the book. I thought that Dear John was really true to the book besides the ending. But I did prefer that ending more in the movie.

I loved Dear John, but something about the ending was off...

Is there a book you’d like to see as a movie and do you have a dream-cast for it?

Mandy: Divergent is supposed to be coming to the big screen thanks to Summit, so that one I am hoping happens. As for a cast..I like Gaspard Ulliel to play Four.

I heard that anyone who likes the Hunger Games, will like Divergent. It is at the top of my TBR list!

Paper or e-book?

Mandy: Both are great. I like having an actual book if I liked it enough on ebook, especially if its signed.

Standalone or Series? Series..I never want stories to end. So the more the better.

Cliffhangers: yes or no? Yes! Especially if it’s a really good book.

Is there a book you wish you had written? Uh yeah. Lots. But I am so not a writer.

Let us know where to find you… blog, Twitter, Facebook…






  1. I love it! Thanks for mentioning Gio! He's very flattered. ;-)


  2. Mandy! A zombie!?! I feel the need to read Warm Bodies just so I can see what would prompt that answer. Lol.

    Nice interview :) and I agree... Gio! Nom nom!

  3. @Nichole - I'm curious about that too! lol

  4. Lovely interview! Insight into a book blogger. Very enlightening ;)

  5. OK Mandy, I have Collide on my Kindle now. I don't know when I'll get to read it but it's there ready whenever I am. ;) Great interview!


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